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The Feed section
The Feed shows the activities in your company card. The “By events” presentation model shows the actions of all users in chronological order. The latest action will be at the top. The "By sessions" presentation model collects the actions of one user in a story: they looked for information in the directory, opened your card, read the reviews, looked at the pictures, called you etc. The events in the feed are enriched with additional information about the user: the platform of their device, whether they used the directory before, location (if available – for users who enabled their geolocation on their mobile devices). If the location is available, we add a map fragment with a marker to the event. Note that events are not added to the Feed instantly. It can take up to 24 hours, and for events from the PC version of the directory it can take up to several days.
Using the settings, you can select the "By events" or "By sessions" presentation model to see what was going on with your card on a specific date, as well as to select interesting events using filters. When a filter is applied, its button is green and all events matching the filter are added to the Feed. To remove them from the Feed, press the button and it will become gray. In the initial state you will see all events. You can also change the time zone that shows the event time. By default, the time is given in the time zone of the city where the company is located. Switching to Moscow time synchronizes the events with the time in other reports in the Statistics section.
Terms and definitions:
Session is a period of user inactivity during which they performed an action in your company card. If the inactivity period is more than 10 minutes, the session is considered complete. Also, the session is closed if the user closed the mobile app, and at 00.00 Moscow time.
New users are those who opened your company card for the first time in last 6 months. A user is considered to be new within 24 hours from the time they performed their first actions in the card.
POI are points of interest. They are indicated by icons with a company name or by a company logo in case of a paid advertising placement in the business listings.
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