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The Statistics section

"Interest in the company area of activity" report

Интерес к сфере деятельности компании
The "Search" chart shows how many queries for a category of the directory 2GIS users made during the selected period. The report is available only for categories of the company.

"Search queries" report

Поисковые запросы
This is the top of search queries that users entered to open the company website. You can generate a report per month and per year. A report for the next month is availble on the 2nd of the following month.

"Position in search results and impressions of a company card" report

Позиция в выдаче и показы карточки компании
The number of impressions in the search results depends on a company position. The higher the position is, the more impressions a company gets. For example, with the "Cafes and restaurants" query, the maximum number of impressions will be received by a company, which is situated on the first place in the "Cafes and restaurants" category. The report shows both figures and the relationship between them by days, weeks and months.
The impressions – all impressions of a company page. Also considered as new impressions are: the impression of the second (and every next) branch in the search; the impression of a card in the map area by moving the cursor over the point; the impression in the search results without a query (for example, after clicking on the "Service companies" link in a building card), etc. This is how the "Impressions" metric is different from "Impessions in search results", which takes into account the unique impressions of a company in the search results of the directory in response to the query in a category.
The impressions forecast shows the forecast number of impressions that the company will get if it places its advertisement and occupies the first position in a category. In the report settings you can select a forecast for several days and for the whole month. The forecast in 2GIS Business Account is available to companies that are currently not being advertised. If you are an advertiser, please contact your Personal Manager to receive the forecast. The manager will provide a forecast based on your advertising placement parameters.

"Competition in the category" report

Конкуренция в рубрике
The "Dependence of impressions on the position in the search results" diagram shows how many impressions a company of the selected area of activity receives on average, if it is on the 1st, 2nd, etc. place in a category. The companies located on the two top positions in the search results are also displayed in the "Offers of other companies" block on the pages of your competitors. The impressions on the pages of competitors are displayed in dark grey in the two top columns of the diagram.

"Clicks on the company page and actions on it" report

Переходы на страницу компании и действия на ней
The report shows the number of impressions of a company page and the total number of actions which users perform on it: views of contacts, photos, discounts, etc. The number of actions per one page view shows the level of user involvement. The involvement, among other things, depends on the amount of useful information. So that the page visitors could learn more about your company, we advise you to post photos, discounts and full description of services. The report is available only to advertisers.

"Contacts with the company" report

Переходы на страницу компании и действия на ней
Calls, clicks on the company address and on the company website, i.e. the most important actions performed by visitors on the page, that bring customes to the company. The data is given dynamically for different periods. The report is available only to advertisers.

"Actions on the page for the last month" report

Переходы на страницу компании и действия на ней
Details of all actions.
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